Friday, May 10, 2019

Military strength in the US Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Military strength in the US - quiz ExampleThis is because of this continued increase in defense expenditure endangers the funding of an adequate level of internal activity.Origins of the U.S. Military Strength and the Global-Power Image. The U.S. Military is the largest in terms of military personnel. The personnel are drawn from a wide pool of paid volunteers although conscription can be occasionally applied during certain periods of two war and peace. The military strength is enhanced by the governments generous funding that enables in force(p) training of manpower and sophisticated intelligence operations. The U.S. military also possesses sophisticated and efficient military equipments alongside widespread and balanced global orientation. This gives the U.S a global power image.Funding Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. According to Belasco (1), the accumulated enumerate funding for Afghanistan and Iraq war as appropriated from 9/11 for the war operations, medical care for the war v eterans and diplomatical operations is $1.283 trillion. This includes $806 meg for the Iraq war, $444 billion for the Afghanistan invasion, $27 billion for the tightened security and a total of $6 billion that is still unallocated but waits spending in military related activities.Defense Department Base figure of 2009-2013. The federal government has budgeted approximately $851 billion for security spending during the fiscal year 2013, compared to $ 523 billion for Medicare and $820 request for Social security. The security funding includes the overseas contingencies, department of Defense and other internal security departments. The chair requested $525.4 billion for the Department of Defenses Base cypher. According to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, FY 2013 Budget Summary Table S-12 (230), this was $5 billion less than the amount approved in the 2012 fiscal year budget. The defense budget 2009-2013 develops a strategy that offers a smooth transition from

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