Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Ethics and professional development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethics and professional development - Essay ExampleIt implies that if the devices fail to impart safety, the humanity will retaliate with wrath for the disappointment. This is because public always supposes that the fire apology and detection professionals must(prenominal) install system of ruless that function perfectly (Gagnon, 2008).In the aspect of the values of a client, the protective cover and detection professionals dally ethical situations where they are expected to install a system that surpasses the minimum standards of care. Thus, in case of a default to meet that requirement, the company (client) might be deemed as ineffective by its customers.The fire protection field has its values that should also abide by specific standards. These professionals must have a present from the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) board. This restricts the technicians and technologists under the board to work in the contain of the law of protec tion and safety (Gagnon, 2008).In the case of catastrophic events, the professionals always suffer professional ignominy. This is because their clients and the public expect the detection and protection systems to be perfectly effective. In the case of a catastrophe, their professional skills curiosity up being questioned. It is always occasioned by the high expectations of people that the installation of the systems is placed with excellence (Gagnon, 2008). later on a significant fire death or loss, the fire protection laws, codes and standards are modified to dressing the company in loss. This is because the fire professionals are viewed as too professional to install a system with dysfunctions (Gagnon, 2008).The whistle-blowing actions entail alarming people about a situation that is deemed unethical in the fire protection and detection system. However, this process can infringe an employer-employee relationship especially when an employee reports a

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