Thursday, May 9, 2019

Argument Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 6

Argument Analysis - Essay Exampleis thesis statement is that violent entertainment tidy sum be good for children, because it helps them to manage their feelings, especi all toldy anger and fear.The fact that his thesis statement is so urinate to the reader, makes his overall product line easy to understand and follow, because the reader does not have to guess what the authors argument is, because it is mentioned in the text.On the one hand, Gerard Jones gives a lot of examples of how violent media has helped children in different situations, including himself and his son. This makes his argument strong and believable, especially, because he writes about working in concert with Melanie Moore, who is a psychologist. The fact that he is working together with a psychologist makes his argumentation look scientific and professional.On the other hand, he does not use each statistics, which weakens his argumentation that violent entertainment helps a lot of children and only harms a few . His argument would appear to be stronger and even more scientific, if supported by statistics. In addition, the reader might think that not all relevant factors have been considered in the text, because he just claims that violent media is mostly good for children, but does not support it with any data.Gerard Jones seems to target mostly adults, especially those adults who are also parents. In the last set about of the text, he uses we (for adults/ parents) and they (for children), for example, he says We moan to other parents and We risk confusing them.Jones gains his audiences trust by telling them about his receive and his sons experience with violent media and how it helped both of them. By makeup about his experience, the audience feels as if a relationship is established, which in turn makes him trustworthy.So, writing about his own experience is the first part of his strategy and the second part is to write about his work with the psychologist Melanie Moore and examples about how violent media has

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