Friday, April 26, 2019

Dubai VS tempe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Dubai VS tempe - Essay ExampleIn both cities there is freedom of religion with Tempes dominant religion being Christianity and Dubais dominant religion being Islam. Both cities are important transit routes to various global destinations and are homes to various multinationals, modern shopping malls and numerous fiscal services providers.The system of government in Dubai is that of constitutional monarchy whereas Tempe is governed by County government of Maricopa. Dubais population is large than Tempes. Dubai has a total of 1,137,347 people whereas that of Tempe is 158,625.The authorized currency in Dubai is the dirham abbreviated as DH whereas the official currency in Tempe is the United States dollar, abbreviated as USD.Thus Dubai and Tempe are important economic hubs for their respective(prenominal) countries and are very crucial to the using of their local economies. The two cities are also important holidaymaker resort cities and attract numerous visitors annually. Thus Dub ai and Tempe are key strategic cities whose contribution to their countries economic development cannot be

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